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NTemplates is a reporting library for .NET written 100% in C#. It allows your end users to define custom report templates as RTF Documents. This way, your application just needs to specify the placeholders for letting the user build a given template, and the required data for generating the report. NTemplates will generate the report based on the users’ report template.

The final report is also a RTF document, so it can be edited or used in any other way an RTF document could be used.

NTemplates includes a very simple interpreted programming language. This allows templates complexity vary from very simple placeholder replacement, to much more complex report definitions; IF and LOOP constructions with headers an summaries.

Please make sure you read the "Before trying the examples..." section in the documentation page.

This project started as a hobby, and it's my humble intent to give back to the development community a little piece of what I got all these year of being a software developer. I'm offering this component to anyone that may need it for any project; open source or not, or even commercial.

If you liked NTemplates or it was useful for you, I'll will apprecieate your recomendation at LinkedIn

The project was moved to github and the latest version its held at:

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